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What is Barytes? - Benefits of Barytes

Introduction | Uses of Barytes | Benefits of Barytes | Barytes Statistics

car_Photo_by_James_Sullivan_on_Unsplash.jpgBarytes is an environmentally friendly material as it is a natural product and not manufactured; and not subject to registration under the EU REACH regulations. Substitution potential exists but the alternates in the oil industry (eg ilmenite, haematite) are economically less attractive. Cheaper alternate ground limestone or clays are sometimes used on economy grounds in some filler applications where quality or technical considerations are less stringent.

  • Natural Product
  • Non Toxic
  • Inexpensive
  • Inert - Chemically and physically unreactive; and to eco-systems
  • High specific Gravity
  • Good sound-deadening and radiation-shielding
  • Low oil adsorption